The Bike Shop Show

A weekly podcast centered around bike tech and mechanics. We will interview people in the bicycle industry, do product reviews, and tutorials on how to do bicycle maintenance. We will have general shop talk and ramblings about fixing and repairing bicycles.

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Scott Dedenbach

Scott is a USAC licensed mechanic who has been repairing bikes in some manner for over 20 years. He is part-owner of a small custom bike shop in Adrian, Michigan. He created The Bike Shop Show on a whim one week in 2012 when he ran out of podcasts to listen to. He decided to simply create one of his own.  Scott does not race his bike but loves dirt road adventure riding, gravel grinding and doing century road rides for charities.

Recent Episodes

The Bike Shop Show

Bike Shop Show 124: Fit - Fluid - Hirobel

Bike Shop Show 124: Talking bike fit, Brake fluid, and the Hirobel frame clamp.

The Bike Shop Show

Bike Shop Show 123: SDG components and Park Hub Bearing Press with Zipp 77/177

Bike Shop Show 00123 – SDG – HBP-1

The Bike Shop Show

Bike Shop Show 121: BB90 and ERD

Bike Shop Show 121: BB90 – ERD and the return of Mr. David Palan

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