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News: Take the Challenge, Challenge

In Cyclocross Today show 6 we talk about the rules for our latest Raffle give away from Challenge Tires.  If you listen to Bike Shop Show 101 we talk to Emily Zinn and Chris Clinton about Challenge Tires and why they are what they are.  Challenge is offering up a pair of their road tires, tubular or open tubular your choice!!

The best way to learn how to enter the contest is to download and listen to Cyclocross Today show 6 because there are some possible variables as to what you win.  However, to enter the contest at all you must do the following:

1. Follow Challenge Tire on twitter ( @ChallengeTires )

2. Follow The Cyclocross Network on Twitter (@CyclocrossNet)

3. Send out a tweet containing both names and the hash tag #TiresWinRaces: Example – “I just entered the @CyclocrossNet contest to win some @ChallengeTires #TiresWinRaces ”

All three items must be completed for your name to be entered.  The winner will be randomly chosen from among all entrants on April 16th 2014, and the winner will be announced on the show that week.  Final say on any rulings is done by Scott from The Cyclocross Network.  You are not eligible if you are a family member or fellow employee of Scott Dedenbach or Mr. David Palan.

So get on twitter and send out your tweet to help support our show and maybe win some tires in the process.