Cyclocross Today

We are going to put this show out as much as needed! We will try to cover the world of cyclocross on this show. Because we originate in Michigan, we’ll cover local cross racing. We’ll also travel to most of the C1 races across the US and get interviews with America’s top riders and people in the cyclocross world. If you’re a cross fan, this is your show.

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Scott Dedenbach

Scott is a USAC licensed mechanic who has been repairing bikes in some manner for over 20 years. He is part-owner of a small custom bike shop in Adrian, Michigan. He created The Bike Shop Show on a whim one week in 2012 when he ran out of podcasts to listen to. He decided to simply create one of his own.  Scott does not race his bike but loves dirt road adventure riding, gravel grinding and doing century road rides for charities.

David Palan

Mr. David Palan is the president of the Ann Arbor Velo Club and also serves as  the club’s race director.  He has promoted The Ann Arbor Spring Training Series, The Cone-Azalia Classic Road Race, CXpreX Cyclocross Clinic, and Mad Anthony Cyclocross Race.  During the summer, he and Scott can also be heard announcing triathlons for Epic Races.

When the fall comes around, he spends weekends living the cyclocross life.  He can be found working the race behind the scenes or racing his bike over the barriers: If he ain’t behind a mic, he’s on his bike.

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