SoCal CrossCast

SoCalCrossCast is a weekly show that covers local cyclocross action in Southern California. Aimed at newer riders, SoCalCrossCast interviews local and national riders to get their perspectives, talks about racing tactics and techniques, and previews upcoming events. The mission of SoCalCrossCast is to highlight the unique atmosphere of CX racing among the palm trees; encourage people to try cyclocross; and to give national attention to local riders. SoCalCrossCast usually comes out on Wednesdays, but will occasionally come out on Tuesday and Friday.

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Todd Everett

SoCalCrossCast is created and produced by Todd Everett. Todd has been living in San Diego since 1986, which practically makes him a native. He has only been racing cyclocross since the 2012-13 season, but his love of bicycles started when he was a kid. Back then, he had a paper route and logged quite a few miles on his Nishiki Blazer while listening to Rush and Joe Satriani cassette tapes. A recovering musician, Todd has been recording sounds and music for over twenty years. When the opportunity to combine bicycles and recording arose, he couldn’t say no. Todd would race in the "D" races if they existed, and is barely able to get 5 hours a week in on the bike. He can pass you in the sand, but will be out of breath right after that. He loves talking to local racers and walking around with headphones on. His goal is to break into the top 20 in a "C" race.

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SoCal CrossCast

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