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Photos: Cycling Rox, Crystal Anthony

To go along with our interview with Crystal Anthony this week; here are a few pictures by Roxanne King of Crystal in action! Click on image to select, click image again to expand. … [Read more...]

Photos: Cycling Rox, Faces of Pain

Cross Nationals Photographing cyclocross means looking for the toughest spots on the course: the hardest climbs, the sandpits, the slogs through mud. I try to get what I call Faces of Pain. Folks - both men and women - whose faces say, "I could be home watching the football game but instead I am slogging up this hill. What is wrong with me?" Here are my ten - okay, eleven - favorite such photos from 2014's Cyclocross Nationals. - Cycling … [Read more...]

Photos: Cycling Rox, Cx Nationals

Check out these awesome shots that Cycling Rox took at the Cx Nationals. … [Read more...]

News: Cyclocross Today visits U.S. Cyclocross Nationals

In an increased effort to bring you our listeners more information on the behind the scenes happenings of U.S. Cyclocross; Cyclocross Today had three representatives at the U.S. cyclocross national championships.  Scott was there for the entire week, covering the altitude adjustment race in Longmont, Co that was presented by Brook Watts.  Roxanne King was also present to take her beautiful pictures. Click here to see the gallery.  While David … [Read more...]

News: The Cyclocross Network Adds Photographer

We are very proud to announce that Roxanne King will be joining The Cyclocross Network.  Roxanne (@cyclingRox) is a well known cycling fan on Twitter and a brilliant photographer. Click here to see her online gallery. Her pictures have been used in advertisements and publications around the cycling industry all without a media pass.  Imagine how awesome her stuff will be now that she will get some media credentials!  She will be posting some of … [Read more...]

News: New Podcast in the The Cyclocross Network

We are proud to announce that Todd Everett's cyclocross podcast; The SoCal Cross Cast will be joining The Cyclocross Network.  Todd's show brings on the ground coverage of one of the hottest scenes in cyclocross; southern California.  The unique scene out there is growing rapidly and has a lot of interest in the cyclocross world.  The SoCal Cross Cast has already had interviews with some of the biggest names in U.S. Cyclocross, including Ryan … [Read more...]

News: Cyclocross Today Goes Live!

We are happy to announce that the time is finally here!  Our initial podcast; The Bike Shop Show has grown and sprouted a spin off.  The new show is called Cyclocross Today and will cover the U.S. Cyclocross scene and report on the world scene of cyclocross. The Bike Shop Show was originally intended to cover bicycle mechanics and bicycle industry news.  Because of our love of cyclocross bikes and cyclocross racing; cyclocross soon became a … [Read more...]