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News: The Big Three Schedule

As many of you may have discovered, trying to track the big three cyclocross series is an exercise in madness.  There is almost NO organization to it at all.  The BPost Bank series has made an effort on their home page but each race page is limited in it's information given. The UCI page while useful for looking up what races are on a certain date is completely useless when trying to look at an entire season especially across the three major … [Read more...]

Race: Cyclocross Network Racing visits Waterloo

Cyclocross Network Racing takes their bikes home for Trek Cxc Cup The Cyclocross Network racing team brought their Trek Boone's and Crocket's back to their place of origin in Waterloo Wisconsin this past weekend to compete in the Trek CXC Cup. After a long drive to the Madison area on Friday the three members of the team who competing were eager to get out on the track and check it out. Along with team director Matt Baroli and Cyclocross … [Read more...]

News: Cyclocross Network Racing with great season start!

The Cyclocross Network Racing team has gotten off to a great start this year. Their first race was the Alma GP of Cyclocross in Alma Michigan. The Alma GP (formerly the Ithaca GP) typically kicks off the Sanctioned Michigan Cyclocross Racing season for the Tailwind series. The Cyclocross Network Racing team showed up in force for the Elite race putting four riders on the starting line and taking the top three spots on the podium. Adam York … [Read more...]

News: WIN custom Pacenti Wheels!

In Cyclocross Today show 8 we talk about the rules for our latest Raffle give away from Pacenti Cycle Designs.  If you listen to Bike Shop Show 103 we talk to Kirk Pacenti about his decision to bring the 650b wheel size into the modern mountain bike.  Kirk had a great time with us and we decided to give away a set of their custom built wheels! The best way to learn how to enter the contest is to download and listen to Cyclocross Today show 8 … [Read more...]

News: Pedro’s Tool winner announced.

We have to again give a huge Thanks You to Pedro's tools for supporting us with their tool kit prize. The winner of the contest is Sherry Schwenderlauf from Portland Oregon. If you listen to Cyclocross Today episode 6 you will hear David and I roll the dice to pick the winner and then later in the show we surprise Sherry by having her on Skype while we are interviewing Katie Compton. As Sherry told us on the show she is involved with … [Read more...]

News: Take the Challenge, Challenge

In Cyclocross Today show 6 we talk about the rules for our latest Raffle give away from Challenge Tires.  If you listen to Bike Shop Show 101 we talk to Emily Zinn and Chris Clinton about Challenge Tires and why they are what they are.  Challenge is offering up a pair of their road tires, tubular or open tubular your choice!! The best way to learn how to enter the contest is to download and listen to Cyclocross Today show 6 because there are … [Read more...]

Take The Pressure Off! Or, Why Are My, Hands, Feet, Butt Numb When I Ride My Bike?!

One of the most frequent questions cyclists ask me is why different parts of their body get numb while riding a bike. Basically, this irritating sensation is caused by sustained pressure on nerves. What happens when you’re cycling is no different than what happens when your arm or leg “falls asleep”. Sustained pressure on a limb decreases blood flow to nerves. Disrupted blood flow causes nerve dysfunction blocking the conduction of normal nerve … [Read more...]

News: Ithaca GP is now the Alma GP of cyclocross!

ANNOUNCING THE 2014 ALMA GRAND PRIX OF CYCLOCROSS p/b Eclipse Cycling The first ever Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross is slated to kick off the Michigan 'cross season on Saturday, September 6. The new venue in Alma is an abandoned city property (formerly an airport that was retired in the early 1960's) and is ripe for developing a great, euro-style cyclocross course. It is going to take a LOT of work in the coming months, but the end result … [Read more...]

News: Cyclocross Network and Pedro’s want to give you some tools!

In Bike Shop Show 99 I interviewed Mathew Bracken, president of Pedro's North America.  It's a very interesting and motivational interview.  At the end of the interview MattyB announces the Pedro's Tool / Cyclocross Network tool give away.  Pedro's is giving away to one of our listeners an Apprentice Bench tool kit.  This is the 55 piece tool kit that I reviewed on the show earlier.  It contains many of the new Pedro's tools for 2014 and would … [Read more...]

Photos: Cycling Rox – Gavin Haley

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